Digital signage


Digital signage is a service offered by Sermicro that involves the replacement of a static advertising medium for digital media, it is based on the use of digital content broadcast via visualization systems (screens, projectors, etc. ).
This has been an evolution that allows to enrich the static and flat content we had before, making it dynamic even allowing interaction with the receptor.

In addition each information point can be treated individually, adapting the content to the location of each point and with the posibility to adapt it to a time schedule and show more direct messages according audiences. Allowing the reuse of spaces or even selling/renting them to others.

The ROI or return on investment is the key parameter in any project of digital signage and can come from:

  • Less printing costs and assembly.
  • Increase sales by attracting new consumers.
  • Selling advertising space.

The ROI can be monitored by the relevant sales survey before and after the project, demonstrating real statistics.

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